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About The Doctor

Dr. Dave Auluck, M.D. is a 3rd generation physician, 2nd generation psychiatrist, and physician educator. He is passionate about improving the mental health treatment experience. His mission is to ensure personalized, industry-leading, preeminent care is accessible and affordable. He has worked with thousands of patients over the years and overseen program development for tens of thousands of others.

Dr. Auluck has suffered from ADHD since he was a child. He always excelled in schooling and education. Like many other adults, his symptoms did not become substantially impairing until later in life. For Dr. Auluck, that was after the birth of his first child and daughter. With his professional and personal experiences, he has an unparalleled combination of sympathy and skill in treating disorders related to concentration.

Dr. Auluck has over a decade of clinical experience. He understands what it takes for patients to have exceptional treatment experiences. He takes time to understand how patients are impacted by their symptoms and their concerns with various treatments. He tailors his treatment plans to align with patient preferences.

In a world with increasing distractions and suboptimal treatment, Dr. Dave Auluck, M.D. specializes in treating cognitive issues related to ADHD, Anxiety, Chemo Brain, Depression, OCD, and PTSD. He is cognizant of the long-term effects of COVID, like COVID Fog.

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Life Changing Patient Experiences with The Focus Doc


Dr. Auluck understands and recognizes the degree of suboptimal treatment across various common mental health conditions. His mission is to advance the level of care patients receive.



Multiple studies have shown that more than half of adults with ADHD are not receiving treatment.

Untreated ADHD can negatively impact just about every aspect of life: educational and professional achievement, family life and relationships, impulsive spending, substance use, accidents and other injuries.


Chemo Brain

Approximately one quarter of patients receiving chemotherapy suffer from cognitive difficulties 1 year after receiving treatment.



Over a quarter of patients hospitalized for COVID had linger difficulties with concentration 3 months after discharge.



Over a third of patients with PTSD who have received enough treatment to no longer meet criteria for the diagnosis still had on going difficulty with concentration.



Nearly half of patients who have had multiple episodes of depression continue to suffer from cognitive difficulties, even when their depression is considered to be in partial to full remission.


ADHD & Co-occurring Conditions

About half of all patients with ADHD have a co-occurring condition such as Anxiety, Bipolar, or Depression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be seen in person?

Dr. Auluck's practice is conducted 100% through Telemedicine or "Virtual Medicine." This is significantly more convenient and preferred by patients. Patients do not have to take additional time out of their schedule to sit through traffic, find parking or sit in a waiting room.

Patients are able to receive care from the comfort of their own home, or on their breaks at work or school.

Dr. Auluck treats patients across the State of California. Having a singular or multiple office locations, would not be practical for patient care.

What if I reside out of the State of California?

Unfortunately, due to regulations, you must primarily be a California resident to be treated by Dr. Auluck. Proof of Driver's License or other means may be requested.

How can I best prepare for my appointment?

Please do your best to fill out the intake forms as thoroughly as you can. 

Some patients feel it's best to have a list of notes, questions or topics they would like to cover. This is optional and by no means required.

The Focus Doc, Dr. Auluck has worked with thousands of patients over the years. He addresses the common questions and concerns patients have.

Can I "bring" someone to the appointment with me?

Yes, of course! Feel free to bring a loved one, friend or furry to sit in with you.

It is your appointment, and you may ask for them to listen, contribute, or leave the appointment at any time.

Will insurance cover my visit?

Dr. Auluck strives to provide care above and beyond the current standard of treatment, that is personalized and accessible. He focuses 100% of his efforts on treating and improving the lives of his patients. Unfortunately, insurance companies generally do not recognize this level of care. They frequently put up hurdles and roadblocks in the way of treatment for well accepted conditions such as Adult ADHD.

Insurance can generally be utilized to cover prescription costs. A Superbill can be provided upon request for reimbursement of appointments. This typically applies to patients with a PPO or similar plan. Patients with Medicare or Medicaid are not eligible for Superbills.

How much will this cost? Do you have examples?

Initial Evaluation - $399
This appointment is scheduled for 40 minutes in duration. By leveraging technology and clinical scales, Dr. Auluck is able to significantly reduce the cost of a comprehensive evaluation by a Board Certified Psychiatrist. Additionally, this allows for the focus of the appointment to be on what matters most to you: understanding your concerns with your symptoms and potential treatments, receiving the best care and personalizing the treatment to you.

Elsewhere, the initial evaluation can run upwards of $600.

Follow Up - $199
This appointment is scheduled for 20 minutes in duration. Personalized clinical scales are selected to ensure patients are not wasting time answering questions that are not pertinent to their treatment. Initially, Follow Up appointments are about once every 30 days. Typically 2-4 follow up appointments are needed to review treatment progress, optimize dosing and demonstrate treatment plan stability. After your treatment plan is deemed to be stable (at least one month with out significant changes), the time between your appointments will increase up to a maximum of 3 months. More frequent visits are available if you would like.

Elsewhere, follow up appointments can run upwards of $300.

What forms of payments do you accept?

Payments are made securely through the Jane HIPAA Compliant platform via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover) or HSA/FSA cards.

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is 3 days (i.e. 72 hours until  the appointment start time). Prior to this cutoff time, appointments are best changed on the website at
Appointments that are not canceled ahead of this cutoff time are charged the full appointment fee. This is to ensure that other patients may have adequate opportunities to book the time and prepare for the appointment. Many patients are waiting weeks or longer for an appointment. Additionally, this time is reserved specifically for the patient who has booked it.

Can I use my mobile phone for the appointment?

Absolutely. Appointments are conducted over the secure and HIPAA compliant Jane Portal. Jane is a leading Telemedicine platform which is patient friendly and easy to use. 

Patients can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Microphone and camera access are required.

How often would I need to be seen?

Initially follow up appointments are about once every 30 days. Typically 2-4 Follow Up appointments are needed to review treatment progress, optimize dosing and demonstrate treatment plan stability. After your treatment plan is deemed to be stable (at least one month with out significant changes), the time between your appointments will increase up to a maximum of 3 months.

More frequent visits are available if you would like.

Can a prescription be guaranteed?

Naturally, it's impossible for a physician to guarantee a specific treatment.


Patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to Dr. Auluck. He does everything he can do understand his patients needs, goals, and how to best address their symptoms.

Does Dr. Auluck treat severe mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, or patients requiring frequent hospitalization?

Unfortunately, as a psychiatrist in an individual private practice, Dr. Auluck is not appropriately equipped to best treat these patient populations. There are likely larger organizations or healthcare systems which can better suit your needs.

What conditions does Dr. Auluck treat?

Dr. Auluck treats the majority of the common psychiatric conditions ailing contributing adults (homemakers, stay at home parents, students, & professionals). These conditions include Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Depression, Chemo Brain, COVID Fog, Insomnia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among others.

Do you require a monthly membership fee?

Absolutely not. Dr. Auluck does not believe in patients paying for services they are not using.

How long will my prescriptions last me?

Initially prescriptions are written for approximately 30 days in duration. Once your treatment plan is deemed to be stable (i.e. not needing any changes for a few months), your prescriptions can be changed to 90 days in duration. 

Prescription duration may be limited by factors such as your insurance. Depending on the insurance company and plan, you may not be eligible for 90 day prescriptions. You may want to review your plan or verify this with your insurance company.

How long do prescription refills take?

Through out his career, Dr. Auluck has addressed over 99.5% of prescription refill requests and other patient messages with in 1 business day.

What if I am already taking medications?

The Focus Doc, Dr. Auluck looks forward to working with you and may offer suggestions to optimize your treatment. Naturally, it's impossible for a physician to guarantee a specific treatment.

Patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to Dr. Auluck. He does everything he can do understand his patients needs, goals, and how to best address their symptoms.

If you are already stable on your medication regimen, you will be able to quickly move towards an annual follow up plan.

Does Dr. Auluck do disability evaluations?

Dr. Auluck is not a forensically trained psychiatrist, who may specialize in such evalutions. Adidtionally, doctors providing disability evaluations as a service are considered to be independent and unbiased.

Dr. Auluck is a treating psychiatrist who biased in the favor of his patients. He wants what is best for them.

Am I able to access my treatment records?

Absolutely! The Jane Portal is 21st Century CURES Act compliant, allowing any patient to access their treatment records. Currently, there Jane Portal does not automatically make treatment records visible to patients.

To request your records, notify Dr. Auluck and you will have access to them with in 1-2 business days of the request.

Am I able to message the doctor?

Yes, of course. At the completion of the Initial Evaluation, patients are invited to the Spruce Care HIPAA compliant communication platform. 

Does Dr. Auluck offer a sliding scale?

That's a great question.

Dr. Auluck does not offer a sliding scale as he believes in fairness and transparency. Every patient Dr. Auluck sees pays the same prices.

For example, multiple patients may benefit from a sliding scale because of their circumstances. Perhaps some of those patients either forget to bring up the question, or others may not feel comfortable broaching the topic. 

Additionally, Dr. Auluck does what he can to keep his rates as reasonable, affordable and accessible as possible.

Does Dr. Auluck do therapy and/or coaching?

Yes, patients certainly have the option for therapy and/or coaching should they desire.

Dr. Auluck has many patients whom he sees for only psychotherapy and/or coaching, and others whom he sees for medication management alongside psychotherapy and coaching. That said, most patients would likely find a better return on their resources to work with a separate coach and/or therapist, given the differences in training to perform each one of these roles.